Wednesday 7 June 2017

• New monster has been created•
Image showing mixed up monster from the App Crazy Monster Mixer by Hot Frog Graphics

• New monster has been created•

Although sadly the Monster mixer app is no longer available new monsters can still be made using the existing version. This wacky creation was submitted by Atlas Kanber aged 4 from Norfolk. Thank you Atlas, I really like this monster.
All being well (ie. if I can find enough time), I will be re-creating Monster Mixer on a new platform. I also have plans for a book of stories featuring each of the monster characters.
Please remember that all the images are strictly copyright. ©

Sunday 18 November 2012

get the App here
Week by week there will be extra stuff appearing on this blog to make Monster Mixer a really great place to visit.
Once you've enjoyed playing and reading the iPad App you can pop over here and check out what's new, so make sure you bookmark this.
So, let's get started with a hi-res print image of one of the colouring pages from the App.
Download and print this at home and then you can colour it in for real. Please email me the finished coloured drawings and I will feature them below in a Monster Mixer online gallery.
To view this at a larger size simple click on it. Have fun!

As promised at the end of the App, here's the first Monster mask for you to cut out and keep.
Click on the image to enlarge it before you download it.
Then print it onto thin card and cut around the dotted lines (you might need the help of a grown up here).
Punch holes where shown and then thread elastics through so that they can go over your ears.
Don't choose really tight elastic bands or you really will end up with monster ears!  : )
Experiment with where to put the eye holes.
Then pop on the mask and go scare.
Watch out for new masks appearing here in the near future.
Leave some comments at the bottom and let me know which monster masks you'd like next.
Have fun!

and if you've arrived here and not seen the App here's a sample of what you're missing.
This shows the top secret poem that was written by the Goggle-eye spider ...

Here are the first hints about the secret buttons!
Warning - this might spoil your exploring pleasure!
On page 11 Ultimo the Destroyer Bot has quite a few secret buttons for you to discover.
When you do find them ALL you will have also discovered BODDD the cute little alien that lives inside, and operates Ultimo.

On page 12 Shaggy Fergus has a secret.
On the fact file card it says that he is a leaf surfing champion.
Now if you've never seen anyone leaf surfing, just wait for the blue spotted egg to appear. Then you will discover a short comic strip showing just how Shaggy became a champion surfer. It's how he gets away after stealing bird's eggs for supper.

Here's another fun colouring page with Ultimo and Boddd.
Download and print this at home and then you can colour it in for real. Please email me the finished coloured drawings and I will feature them below in a Monster Mixer online gallery.

Now here's a fantastic screensaver wallpaper.
Click on this Monster Mixer group below to enlarge it and then download it - drag it to your desktop then choose it as your screen saver background.
This will be 1600 x 1000 pixels.
I'll be posting more sizes and formats soon.